Under Sink Chillers

No room for a cooler? Want a neater look? Then our Under Sink installations are the perfect solution. They provide the most unobtrusive way to have chilled water on tap, on demand and with the addition of optional filtration, they deliver fresh, clean, chilled water with the touch of a lever on one of our stylish designer faucets built into your sink.
Compact and easy to install, our Undersink Chiller makes the best use of space in your home or office.

The chiller provides fresh cool water and is housed in a white zinc coated steel cabinet.

Features of our under sink chiller:

1.5 litre stainless steel chilling tank
6 litres/hour cooling at 10 degrees
Inlet, outlet and drain pipes are quality stainless steel
Has a preset thermostat
Operates silently
Fully automatic