Bottled water is a drain on your resources and on the planet. Consider what having bottled water entails, ordering the stock, receiving and checking the delivery, storing the full and empty bottles, having cash tied up in those bottles waiting to be used and then there’s the rental on the cooler.

And bottled water is an OHS risk, lifting 15 Kilo bottles of water and lowering them onto the machine is risky business.

Refillable or Plumbed in coolers make your life easier.

Filtered Fresh’s alternatives to water bottles just make more sense. There’s nothing to manage with our system – no more water delivery issues, water bottle costs or water storage problems. With Filtered Fresh you pay less and gain more. Plus you’re making an eco-friendly water choice at the same time.

With a Filtered Fresh cooler, the water supply is not only endless, but better tasting and better for you.

You receive one flat-rate invoice each period that you never have to double-check. You’ll be choosing a cheaper water cooler solution, well below the cost of water bottle delivery.

That’s the sort of innovation that makes your life simpler. 

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