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Welcome to Filtered Fresh Adelaide

As a long time resident in Adelaide, my partner and I wanted to be involved in a local business with links to a national organisation. Our preference was to be involved in a business to business operation.

The water business was ideal for us and early in 2008 we launched our business to local organisations looking to supply their staff and customers with economical, great tasting water. We felt good about helping reduce the worlds carbon footprint by being in direct competition with the bottled water industry.

The system we selected operates as a stand-a-lone chiller purifier. This is ideal for reception areas, showrooms, factory floors, meeting and board rooms where plumbing isn’t readily available. We liked the idea that our clients didn’t need to rely on expensive bottled water deliveries, didn’t need to store bulky bottles, and staff weren’t required to lift heavy bottles. Some of the prospects we speak to also miss out on bottled water deliveries in the peak summer periods. You will never run out of great tasting water with the Filtered Fresh Chiller/Cooler.

Our obligation seven day free trial enables you to try the product in your office, showroom or factory to ensure your final decision passes all your requirements. We also supply plumbed in Filtered Fresh Chiller/Coolers where a water supply is close at hand, for example in a kitchen.

The service of the chillers occurs three times a year and includes sanitising the chiller/purifier and replacing the filter – all inclusive in the low weekly rental.

Should a fault occur with the Filtered Fresh water cooler, our friendly service staff will repair or replace it quickly and efficiently and at no charge to your business. An extra tick is the annual rental is fully tax deductible in most cases.

Our extensive range of clients includes business offices, government departments, new and second hand car yards, hairdressers, real estate offices, panel beaters, retail shops, builders & restaurants.

Contact us today for your no risk, obligation free assessment and trial of the Filtered Fresh product and become another valued client enjoying Filtered Fresh, great tasting water.

Committed to providing a sustainable water alternative for our customers, Filtered Fresh works on the following principles:

Being economically beneficial
Providing a product which exceeds purity and taste standards
Putting people first, and
Helping the environment


Yes that's right! We offer a 30 day free trial of our patented refillable water cooler. We know you're going to love it. Get in touch to find out more.

Our unique water cooler with patented* filtration system

Filtered Fresh filtration process

We use carbon filters made from coconuts, an infinitely renewable resource!


  • Heavy Metals
  • Chlorine Odor & Taste
  • Chemicals
  • Colour
  • Bacteria
  • Organic impurities

Switching to Filtered Fresh Stops:

  • Weekly ordering and deliveries
  • Storage of full and empty bottles
  • Lifting and carrying heavy bottles
  • Paying for bottled 'spring water'
  • Risk of injury fom lifting
  • Running out of water

Our Happy Clients

You probably know these local businesses and most likely the people, we love living and working here and are very happy they enjoy our products.

We have been a customer of Michaels for the past three years. Can’t thank them enough for the service we have received as well as maintenance of our filtered water system, which is done regularly. The water is the best we have ever had as tried other suppliers before but none compared with the above. Since changing to Michaels system, management and employees are drinking more water than ever before……Hooray! A healthier alternative to fizzy drinks and Caffeine.
Keep up the good customer relationship and look forward to the new name change #Filtered Fresh Adelaide.

Yours sincerely


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