Bottled Water is expensive.

Bottling water is an expensive business. You’re paying for the water  to be purified (yes, it’s not straight from the well!) You’re paying for the water to be bottled in bottling plants. You’re paying for the water to go into storage before its shipped to the distribution center, then you pay for the cost of the water delivery trucks. You then pay for the drivers and fuel to drive that bottled water to your location, then you’re paying for the empty bottles to be shipped back to the bottle washing plant. Apart from a waste of money,  just think of the environmental issues involved in all of these processes!

Using Filtered  Fresh removes these costs.

Take all those costs out, take out all the environmental damage,  just one low rental and some small vehicles for our technicians to come and service your water coolers. Simple.

It doesn’t matter how much water you use, you will only ever pay the same low rate.

The more you drink the more you save .