Occupational Health & Safety

Bottled water coolers are safety hazzard and a workers compensation claim in waiting.

One thing you know about bottled water coolers is that someone is soon going to be wrestling a new water bottle into place. You’ve been in that position before… you go to get a glass of water and the person before you took the last of the water in the bottle. So, are you going to lift that bottle? All 15 kilos of it? Are you going to go find someone to change it for you? Or are you going to go thirsty? If you’ve managed to successfully replace a bottle or two, congratulations. But if you’ve felt that twinge or slipped on spilled water… well, ouch. And in a workplace this could have costly consequences.

And in the home, what about the kids?

Filtered Fresh water coolers are safe and require no effort.

Our coolers require zero effort. No heavy lifting. The water’s always ready for you.

With Filtered Fresh you never need to change another heavy, 15 Litre water bottle ever again.


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